A Mano Fiano-Greco 2010

Puglia – Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Fiano Minutolo and Greco go together! Fiano contributes the lovely white peach, apricot and rose notes, Greco has a very fine tannin structure that gives the wine its full body. We changed the percentage of Greco this year because the Fiano was so expressive. 2010 was a good year for early ripening grapes like Fiano.

15% of the Fiano is placed into small boxes and dried for two months in our special drying room. This slow appassimento causes the grapes to continue to produce flavor compounds and concentrates sugars, acids and flavors. The rest of the grapes are crushed, pressed, settled and fermented together at very low temperatures.

The cold fermentation (7°C ) retains all the delicacy and fruitiness of the varieties. The wine fermented VERY slowly this year; 3 months of tiny bubbles and great aromas.

The super juice we obtain from the appassimento is then blended with the cold fermented cousin and you have a full bodied, interesting white wine with complex aromas and great long texture.

A Mano Fiano-Greco 2010 has explosive floral notes, exotic fruit flavors, a crisp acidity and a refreshing finish.


There are two clones of Fiano: Fiano di Avellino which is used to make the nice DOC wines from Campania and Fiano minutolo from Puglia, which is a wonderfully perfumed grape that resembles Riesling or Viognier. You can probably figure out which one we prefer!

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